Our Technical & Support Department is set up by a team of well trained and experienced engineers offering efficient and cost effective services to our customers worldwide. We hold a stock of spares, or we can source them at economical prices, ready for dispatch wherever needed. 

Sea Ergon Marine Ltd is an authorized service provider for the following Makers and systems:

Tyco - Fire alarm and detection systems

Nippon Hakuyo Electronics – Fire alarm and detection systems, public address systems, marine clock systems, auto-telephone exchange & various telephones

Safetec Brandes und Niehoff GmbH – Cargo hold smoke detection systems, alarm and control systems for fire alarm with local application firefighting systems and sprinkler systems.

Kashiwa Co., Ltd – High expansion foam fire extinguishing systems, local application firefighting systems, inert gas systems, nitrogen generator systems

Specs – Oil mist detection systems

MRC Korea - Public address systems, automatic exchanger telephone systems, sound reception systems, communal aerial systems, common battery telephone systems, sound power telephone systems, marine digital/electric clock systems