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<b>Tyco</b> is among world leaders of <b>Fire & Security Solutions</b> that continuously provide the international marine industry with reliable, innovative and cost-effective products.  By taking a strategic advantage of over 100 years of experience and high specialization in whatever the company does, today it offers <b>Complete Fire Fighting Packages, Electronic Security, Life Safety and Communication Solutions</b> that successfully meet all the modern day challenges at sea. The application of Tyco systems covers the whole range of vessels that sail the seven seas including LNG/LPG Carriers, Tankers, Bulkers, Containerships, Passenger/Cruise Ships and Offshore Support Vessels. <b>Marine Radio Co. Ltd. (MRC)</b> of Korea is one of the leading manufacturers of internal communication and broadcasting equipment for marine applications, such as public address systems, auto telephone systems, talk-back systems, marine clock systems, and communal aerial systems for several types of vessels. MRC is capturing approximately 75% of the Korean shipbuilding market and exports internal communication systems to the rest of the Asian shipbuilding markets. <b>MARIS ECDIS900</b> is the first ECDIS in the world to receive a type approval certificate (“Wheelmark”) using a Flat Panel Computer (FPC). The MARIS ECDIS900 incorporates the latest in technology and not only save money on the initial purchase, but also in freight, installation and service costs. NIPPON HAKUYO ELECTRONICS LTD  delivers to the marine market inter communication, fire detection & alarm systems and satellite data acquisition/processing systems by utilizing OKI group’s high lever technical expertise. <b>Safetec Brandes und Niehoff GmbH</b> was founded in 1995 in Lunenburg, Germany Safetec is specialized in manufacturing: Control Equipment for Water Based Extinguishing Systems, Fire Detection Systems, Gas/CO2-Release Systems and Sample Extraction Smoke Detection Systems. Type approvals of all major classification societies are available. <b>TQ Environmental</b> has provided effective Marine Gas Detection for many years having extensive experience in the design of gas monitoring systems for use in pump rooms, ballast tank, void space and accommodation areas. TQ Flammable and Toxic gas monitoring systems can be found onboard Oil and product tankers, Supply and Support vessels and Gas carriers. TQ refrigeration leak detectors are fitted to all Royal Navy warships and many support vessels as well as offshore platforms. <b>Kashiwa Co., Ltd</b> was established in 1947 in Japan. Kashiwa is a leading designer and manufacturer of firefighting systems, inert & nitrogen gas generator systems. Kashiwa specific product list includes: Deck Foam Systems, High Expansion Foam Systems, Local Application Fire Fighting Systems (Hyper mist, Hyper-LP), Inert Ga Systems, Inert Gas Generators & Nitrogen Gas Generators. Kashiwa is considered as a very reliable and reputable maker of the above systems with extensive global service network <b>Specs Corporation</b> is a top class Korean manufacturer of Atmospheric Oil Mist Detectors and Crankcase Oil Mist Detectors. Additionally to these known products Specs has developed a series of very useful monitoring systems such as BWMS (Bearing Wear Monitoring System), SPM-I (Shaft Power Meter), SPM-II (Ship Performance Monitoring System) and SEEMS (Ship Energy Efficiency Monitoring System).  Major shipyards and ship-owners are selecting Specs systems.