BIOSEA seminar for the marine market of Greece

Sea Ergon Marine Ltd with a vigorous adhesion to technology’s edge and quality solutions organized the first BIO-SEA® Ballast Water Treatment conference on the 5th of March 2013 at the Yachting Club of Greece. 
BIO-SEA® is developed by the French leader in UV treatment systems BIO-UV who capitalized the vast accumulated knowledge in working with tough water conditions on land and adapted this to the challenging conditions of sea water successfully. The result has been a modular and highly effective ballast water treatment system that complies with IMO’s D-2 convention requirements and is also Type Approved by the French Bureau Veritas. 
The BIO-SEA® system embodies the mechanical filtration for reducing the turbidity of the sea water and treats it by UV reactor lamps to directly eliminate the phytoplankton/ zooplankton contained in it. BIO-SEA®’s design is based on a very modular concept that reserves space and weight without compromising treatment performance at a very modest pressure drop penalty. Both these inherent characteristics favor the retrofit market where footprint availability comes at a premium without neglecting the new buildings market where skid mounted or containerized ‘’plug and play‘’ versions are available.
Sea Ergon Marine Ltd will be offering a turn-key solution to its customers providing the pre-engineering and commissioning of the system.