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High Expansion Foam System

Kashiwa started developing its high expansion foam system in 1992 providing to the marine market a very safe and efficient fire extinguishing system for the vessels’ engine rooms and pumps rooms. The system meets all the latest requirements (IMO MSC 1.Circ, 1384) for large scale severe tests. It has been installed in more than 3000 vessels. The system comparison to other available technologies (e.g. CO2) is safer for the humans, cleaner for the environment, it is compact, light and easy to maintain.

High expansion foam systems are also installed on car decks for Pure Car Carriers (PCC) with exceptional performance. Kashiwa high expansion foam system has been installed in hundreds of PCCs.

Deck Foam System

Kashiwa is considered as one of the leading maker of fixed deck foam fire extinguishing systems for oil tankers and chemical tankers. The system is designed to comply with IMO rules and it is known for its high reliability and long duration. More than 8,000 systems have been installed on oil and chemical tankers.

High Performance Fire Fighting System

Kashiwa is a specialized maker of high performance firefighting systems and oil pollution control systems installed on fireboats, tug boats and escort boats.  These vessels due to their specific purposes require very high spec firefighting systems utilizing all the latest scientific technologies. Kashiwa has installed around 2,000 high performance firefighting systems.

Local Application Fire Fighting System for machinery space

These systems were developed to meet the requirements of a water-based firefighting system that shall not affect the crews’ safety and operation of the vessel.  As a result a “micro particle spray mist” technology has been adopted. Kashiwa “HYPER-MIST” and “HYPER-LP” are very safe for the crew and cause no damage to the equipment at the protected areas. Both systems have obtained CE Mark (MED) and have been installed on more than 4,000 vessels.

Inert Gas System (IGS), Inert Gas Generator System

Kashiwa started to design and produce IGS in 1970 and has obtained worldwide recognition installing its systems in more than 1,400 vessels. The system a) removes dust by using venturi scrubber system, b) implements rubber lining preventing radical corrosion, c) uses high quality components, as the result the system requires minimum maintenance.

Nitrogen Gas Generator System

The System is designed to generate clean and high purity nitrogen gas and has been installed in many chemical tankers, product carriers and LPG/LNG vessels. Kashiwa also manufactures nitrogen gas generator systems based on pressure wing type/membrane type. Kashiwa nitrogen generator can be designed according to customers’ needs, from small to big volume and purity from 95% to 99.9%.