Green Ship's Technology / Oil Spill Detection System & Ice Navigator System

The Rutter's sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection (OSD) radar

The Rutter’s sigma S6 Oil Spill Detection (OSD) radar automatically detects oil slicks over a large area of operation, and is capable of auto-outlining suspected oil spills, alerting the operator with visual and audible alarms, automatically tracking oil slicks, predicting their trajectories and area of coverage. It provides continuous real-time local surveillance and can be installed either on-board a vessel or on a fixed platform.

Based upon Rutter’s core sigma S6 radar processing and display technology the Sigma S6 Ice Navigator provides unsurpassed imaging of sea ice conditions in the vicinity of a vessel, greatly enhancing the ability to navigate efficiently and safely 24-hours-a-day irrespective of weather conditions.