Digitalization Products / Enginei – Energy Management Solution

The digital evolution is shaping the Maritime future in every aspect and all its segments, takingadvantage of modern ship design, implementing new technologies on retrofit and newbuilds to achieveoptimal efficiency in both operational and technical processes An Intelligent Ship is one where all criticalinformation is monitored, filtered, analyzed and transmitted ashore for knowledge, evaluation, controland where needed: actionRoyston, diesel power specialists, provide high quality, value added services and innovative supportproducts to our global marine and offshore customer base worldwide. Enginei is a product that Roystonoffer, a comprehensive and flexible energy management solution for marine industry providing bespokedigital solutions to meet the international needs of our customers. Realtime data onboard and onshoreIndependent satellite communications Vessel tracking (GPS) Integration with existing systems Fleetoverview Configurable alarms and alerts Application Programming Interface (API) Secure cloud-basedhosting Web portal with support for all modern browsers Remote diagnostics Worldwide support.We trust that during ships’ digitalisation journey, Royston and Sea Ergon will support your vision anddevelopment of concrete digitalisation plans to improve the competitiveness and operationaleffectiveness.

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